5 Reasons To Pay More Attention To Home Wear Than We Were Before

5 Reasons To Pay More Attention To Home Wear Than We Were Before

Swapping between going out set of clothes and that for sleep is a reasonable thing to do before, right? It was embarrassing to dress like you are at home in almost any activities outside. Home wears were seemed just for the time we causally rest in our cage (of course I mean "home"). However, with the new era of technologies and emerging culture of human life, we will not want to dress in that stained old tee at home anymore. Here's why we should all paying more attention to home wear.

1. Home is not our cage anymore

With the rise of social media, we are highly active socially even during our time resting at home. We all get used to take pictures everywhere, posting daily updates of ourselves at home is just too common and almost like a routine to us. We don't want our old stained set of tee being seen, they just don't match with any grids of the wall. In contrast, getting a proper home wear is a clever thing to do. It shows that we are cozily staying home, enjoying our time while being social media ready. 

2. Work from home culture

Even before COVID-19 epidemic, WFH was already an emerging idea. In 2020, the culture had swept through business in the whole wide world. Benefits of WFH are identified and it will keep taking up the old office working culture in the future. You should expect to see yourself working at home for your current or next job. YES! And we can finally work without the norm of dress up or suit up just like we used to be. We can stay cozy, wearing comfortable home wear while we are working. Replacing work clothes to home wear that fits our need for WFH does make sense!

3. Time spent at home increase massively

Online grocery shopping, ordering take away and website based government or public service is very common now. It is very convenient for us to just stay home and get things done! We will wear our cozy home wear more often and in longer time. Getting the PJs and home wear that fit our style will definitely make our time more enjoyable, just like what we did to our going out wears. We all want to dress well anytime!

 4. Dressing well for self-care

Modern life is stressful, home rest time is so important. Coming home from the rushing city and busy work, soothing our body is all we need. Valuing the relax time help us to implement wellbeingness and self-love in our life. Investing in cozy sets of home wear can play a bigger part than you expect. Just imagine the look of you in that shiny silky PJs, how appreciating it is.

5. We should be who we want to be

We sometimes have some crazy idea, dressing for special occasion or just to be who you are, it just doesn't hurt especially when we are at home. If it weren't the time, when would it be? Home is the best place we express our true self, following our passion. Who said you cannot dress like a cute bunny? Who said you cannot be a little slutty to impress your new date?